Psychometrics (Handbook of Statistics)

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You won't find much on the design of experiments it it, though. The first two chapters should give a good introduction. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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People who do experiments often use single items they make up on the spot and don't try to assess their psychometric qualities. People who develop questionnaires are interested in evaluating where a person fits in the whole population on some trait and typically do not run experiments.

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People who design experiments, and people who validate scales are usually two different groups of people. If you are coming from a psychology background, and the only thing you've seen that dealt with numbers was in psychometric courses, you are up for some big surprises in discovering other areas of statistics if you are looking around with sufficient curiosity.

An Introduction to Psychometrics

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. With a focus on cultural responsiveness, the program places an emphasis on applied methodologies to train scholars to possess sophisticated analytic capabilities that can be used to design, assess, and utilize psychosocial and educational measures.


Once they complete the program, graduates are qualified to enter a variety of careers including those in private industry, government, and academia. Because scientific research serves as the primary method of advancing theories that explain how people learn, teach, and differ from one another, program faculty emphasize scholarship in its various forms.

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Through internships, research apprenticeships, and scholarly writing, students are trained to transfer the knowledge they gain in the classroom to applied settings. Students in the program are particularly equipped to be responsive to the needs of those within culturally diverse environments.

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Master's students who attend full time typically complete the required coursework and Master's thesis within two and a half years. Full-time doctoral students often complete their required coursework within three years, followed by one or two additional years of work on their dissertations. The length of time students take to complete their degrees varies widely and depends significantly on their academic histories, prior coursework, areas of research specialization, and a number of other factors. Master's students also work with their Major Professor to develop plans for their Master's thesis.

Doctoral students work with their Major Professor to develop additional plans for the research apprenticeship and the dissertation. Contact Information. Carrol S.